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Month September 2022


You may never know my name I’m just a drop of rain in the ocean Another woman behind the scenes Keeping things in motion I stand last in line so others go first My needs go on hold Shuffling my… Continue Reading →

Letters from Hell

Hi sweetie Miss you lots I hope you are well Been having a big party Way down here in hell The things I have seen Are almost unreal I saw Lucifer in a tutu Reading Danielle Steele! I tried to… Continue Reading →

Seattle is Mine

Rainy days and long winters might not sound appealing to some But us locals love it here In rainy Seattle, Washington Whale watching, ferries Seahawks, go twelves! The scenery is so beautiful We trip over ourselves I never once imagined… Continue Reading →

The Door

The choice is yours nothing to lose Fate obscures destiny alludes Free will remains seen in patterns Error blames the wheel still chatters What more to hope for future sights Than broadened scope and strength to fight Free from status… Continue Reading →

Circle the Drain, part 1

Cold, hard factsLike claws my feelings retract A demon was bornA habit was formed Insane, I circle the drain I said yes, never noNow 6 feet belowA grave of my own making Never enough Ever roughThe shake, shake, shaking A… Continue Reading →

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