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Month January 2023

It reminds me of

We lay on fresh cut green grass, The sky an old, familiar blue. Faded denim, just like your eyes. It reminds me how your face is familiar, too. Like something I’ve always known, Like something I’ve always had. Like something… Continue Reading →


My thoughts wander to the times we would skip the party to head home and make love. We would touch just to be touching, as if it would be the last time we could. Our love was so fresh, We… Continue Reading →

The Birth of Power

Be gentle, quiet. Speak only when spoken to. Meek, mild manner. Bleed, but don’t die. Invisible lines, glass ceilings. I hit harder than history. My femininity isn’t a crime. So, I jumped from my ivory tower, His jokes weren’t very… Continue Reading →

Exception to the rule

We thought we would be the exception to the rule. Of course, we did. Misery and pain are abstract when it happens to someone else. You may feel the warmth next to the fire, but not the burn. There’s a… Continue Reading →

Dance in the rain

Come what may. A storm brew inside of me. He said I would dance in the rain given the chance. I never told him he was my sunshine. Long lost romance still smolders after all this time. He knew a… Continue Reading →

a skeleton of a miracle

my nerves are frayed skin feels flayed and vulnerable I ponder the prices I’ve paid (Continue to pay) sacrifices I’ve made (Continue to make) making myself uncomfortable the wars I waged with intentions that were honorable damage I escaped and… Continue Reading →


desperate to reinvent shed skin feel blood rush again in my head daggers are dancing laughter is menacing I implore, explore but I can’t tell the difference anymore anything new seems fancy


She bats her long eyelashes Black mascara Her lipstick was matte Classic red Full lips, the kind you crave to kiss Does she know what trouble she causes? Long dress, high split To her hip She enters a room Hearts… Continue Reading →

Outrun the sun

My confessions Things I never told anyone My sleeves are stained, but I hide them I stood on the brink, now I’m flying What do I have to give away? Why do I have to? My secrets to share You… Continue Reading →

The Vanity

I stood nearly naked before the mirror Drawing nearer to the edge of collapse Dreadfully despise what I see This reflection has me trapped Pure vanity I feel raw, vulnerable, aware From the corner of my hazel eyes, I saw… Continue Reading →

Does the center hold?

Spiritually Intellectually Mentally Sexually How many ways can a man get to me? Into me Into my head Resurrect parts of me I’ve sworn off as long dead I’m not afraid anymore (Not like I was before) How do you… Continue Reading →

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