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Month February 2023


The light in you Shines brightly on me It pours through your cracks Illuminating both the good and bad In us both The way you hold yourself together Despite it all Your head held high Embracing your flaws I love… Continue Reading →


I took a second look Into the night From my window All I make out is an ethereal glow from a low moon On a trellis of vines Covered in dew Mocking me Because they grow Fast and fierce With… Continue Reading →

A nook and a book (Die Happy)

You were never one to look around much, or ask questions My curiosity roars, yours is only implied That style of ignorance drives me insane I hear your thoughts echo from the void space in your brain Attractive, but plain… Continue Reading →

My imagination

Just a touch A taste A shadow of my courage My first instinct is always to hesitate I see the silhouette of a brave woman My reflection displays a coward I move three steps forward Only to fall two behind… Continue Reading →

Take Notes

Whatever you get from me, intellectually Through my poetry It isn’t me, just my ability To turn thoughts into words to say in colorful ways all the ways it hurts existence into writing pretty and petite I try not to… Continue Reading →

What makes us different

Are we mirroring, or am I projecting again? I’m so acclimated to dysfunction, maybe neither. Is it my ADHD or RSD, or some other psychological acronym. We’re revisiting conversations we’ve had countless times before now. The click, click, click of… Continue Reading →


Listen, as silence steals the atmosphere. Dark eyelashes wet from trickling tears. Evidence of failure to beat back emotion.  I feel. (Everything.) A soft sniffle here and there, the moon a singular witness to this ordeal. Pale, and far away… Continue Reading →


Do we dare to be immortal? Taste it, just to see Taste a tiny morsel of sweet infinity When forever delicately dances on the tip of the tongue to the tune of time’s tempo eons unsung expanding expanses if only… Continue Reading →

The Squeaky Wheel

I like to sit back and “people watch.” Sitting still in one place as everyone else comes and goes in the rat race. Everyone is so busy, hustling and bustling. But I’ll tell you something, it makes me feel normal…. Continue Reading →


My god, I’m inspired. She says everything I want to say, and says it better. With a passion and real fire that comes from carefully crafted chaos, and real loss, and a culmination of heartbreak and hot takes, and a… Continue Reading →

Danger behind those eyes

Blurred lines are not indicative to what we’re really after. What divides us is infinitely bigger than mixed signals and marked palms. You’ve mastered the art of smooth talk, past pool tables and drunk laughter. I’ve perfected the art of… Continue Reading →

Dodging Bullets

I was mesmerized, blindsided. Can I truly claim naivety? I had myself an old fashioned self-absorbed tantrum turned pity party. I cried and cried because what we had was passion. But every time “we” would gain traction, this stupid motherfucker… Continue Reading →

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