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Puppets on a string

We dance Keep dancing Like puppets on a string Never asking About the important things Masking The pain All the parts that sting It’s raining Too numb to go inside On each raindrop I’m wishing Wash clean Clean slate Forgotten… Continue Reading →

Righteous Reply

I once turned to dark sky to ask why, and cry with no ready, righteous reply only quiet empty, endless nights greeted me my heart beats badly broken I have unfinished business in diminished dimensions a token of my mind’s… Continue Reading →


We wrestled for this loveTo wind up with long sighs and side glancesOur hearts were tangled together, inseparableOr was it just our finances?

The Door

The choice is yours nothing to lose Fate obscures destiny alludes Free will remains seen in patterns Error blames the wheel still chatters What more to hope for future sights Than broadened scope and strength to fight Free from status… Continue Reading →

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