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An ocean of silent screams

Smiles distract from internal screaming. A shrill pitch dredged from the pit of my stomach, expelled with the equivalent force of a hurricane. Glides like silk up my throat, And out of my mouth. My body frozen like it’s stroking…. Continue Reading →

Crimson Chaos

We crossed state lines for each other But I wouldn’t cross the world I was shattered glass You were bare feet Look at us now You’re cut to pieces I’m crimson chaos on the floor

I wore a mask before it was cool

I wore a “mask” before Covid Mine had a smile on it Tightly I clung It kept out people, not spit Behind it Quivering lips, a bloodied tongue From biting too hard Every day it bled Keep the mask in… Continue Reading →

Moss and Mushrooms

We danced Until we lay in dirt Moss and mushrooms Finally one with the earth


A singer of silent songs In the never-ending night Calling to the weary The current of my mind runs rapid Leads to where my aches are buried Lifeless, cold, and eerie Galaxies that are infinite I still don’t know where… Continue Reading →

Happy World Poetry Day

French poet Charles Baudelaire said “Always be a poet, even in prose.” May inspiration flow today.

A Kiss

Wordlessly Kissing me Like a raging midnight fire Breathlessly Head tilted Almost hearing heaven’s choir Effortlessly Lips parted Speak in holy tongues Carefully Lifted up On the air ripped from my lungs Tingling Hot as fever Burning lips to lips… Continue Reading →

I can’t when I can

I can’t be your savior When I can hardly save myself I can’t be your sunshine When my own clouds won’t dispel I can’t be your steady peace When my own storm inside rages I can’t be your constant calm… Continue Reading →


This charade shakes my subconscious Shattered shades of blue Champagne sips, sultry silk I slip out of my slip and onto your lips My racing heart reverberates against my upright spine We tip-toe the line My body’s yours, yours is… Continue Reading →


The light in you Shines brightly on me It pours through your cracks Illuminating both the good and bad In us both The way you hold yourself together Despite it all Your head held high Embracing your flaws I love… Continue Reading →


I took a second look Into the night From my window All I make out is an ethereal glow from a low moon On a trellis of vines Covered in dew Mocking me Because they grow Fast and fierce With… Continue Reading →

A nook and a book (Die Happy)

You were never one to look around much, or ask questions My curiosity roars, yours is only implied That style of ignorance drives me insane I hear your thoughts echo from the void space in your brain Attractive, but plain… Continue Reading →

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